Context:  Competition – Max intensity on short rounds.

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 min working up to a challenging thruster for 2 reps, (80-90%) out of the rack. Or perform 3 reps on the minute for 6 minutes at 50-60% (from the floor)

Metabolic Conditioning: Holbrook

U.S. Army Captain Jason Holbrook, 28, of Burnet, Texas, assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on July 29th, 2010 in Tsagay, Afghanistan when insurgents attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife Heather Holbrook and his parents Joan and James Holbrook.

For time – 10 rounds

5 Thrusters (Health: 45#/55#, Athletic: 55#/75#, Performance: 75#/115#)

10 Kipping Pull-ups (Health: 10 ring rows)

100 m Sprint

Rest 1 min between each round.

Scaling Guide: 18 – 28 min including the rest, about 2:20 per round including the rest. Record total time without rests (subtract 9 minutes from time after last sprint).

Coaching Tips: The goal here is to go with as few sets as possible, and to run fast before each rest. Ten (10) rounds will get challenging at round 4 to 7, but hang in there. Keep the elbows up on the rack part of the thrusters and remember that a squat clean counts as the beginning of a ‘rep’. Butterfly pull-ups are acceptable (as usual when it says ‘kipping’). If you do not ‘sprint’ the 100m runs, your time will suffer.



Context:  Practice – Squat depth and hip anatomy (no butt wink).

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working up to a challenging strict weighted ring dip (or progression)

Strength: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 back squat (7 sets of 1 rep, adjust load each set working up to a max or ‘strong effort’) Test for next strength focus!

Metabolic Conditioning: “Rugrats”

7 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

kipping ring dip (Health: 8 ring push-ups, Athletic: 6/8 reps, Performance: 8/12 reps)

8 dumbbell ground to overhead (Health: 15#/20#, Athletic: 20#/30#, Performance: 30#/45#)

20 sit-ups

Scaling Guide: 3 – 6 rounds, about 1:45 per round. Scale Up: 2/4 muscle ups instead of ring dips, 35/50# dbs.

Coaching Tips: Practice your kipping ring-dip ahead of time so you have the technique down. If you get stuck on ring-dips, drop the quantity of reps in the set so you can keep moving. Only go to assisted ring-dips or ring push-ups as a last resort. Keep the back flat on the dumbbell ground to overhead. Only one head of each dumbbell must to touch the ground for each rep. You can perform these as a ‘two handed snatch’ or as a ‘clean and jerk’

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 10 db bent over rows, 10 burpees, 4 minutes, OR 3 sets of 12 db bent over rows in a super set with 12 db single leg deadlifts


"Phones and Ferb"

Context: Practice – Moving fast for your team but keeping form.

Metabolic Conditioning: “Phineas and Ferb”

25 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

(with a partner, split as desired)

Row (Health: 1200m/1500m, Athletic: 1500m/1800m, Performance: 1800m/2000m)

Then as many rounds as possible with the remaining time:

40 dumbbell power snatch (Health: 15#/20#, Athletic: 20#/30#, Performance: 30#/45#), alternate hands and partners as desired

80′ dumbbell overhead walking lunge (same)

30 ring push-ups

30 box jumps (Health: 8″/12″, Athletic: 12″/20″, Performance: 20″/24”)

400m bumper plate farmer carry -or 12m out and back x 16- (Health: 10#/15#, Athletic: 15#/25#, Performance: 25#/45#), one partner carries both plates, run together, switch off as desired

INDY VERSION: 750m row, 15 dumbbell power snatch, 40′ lunge, 10 ring push-ups, 15 box jumps, 100m farmer carry.

Scaling Guide: 2-4 rounds. 7-10 min for the row, then 8-9 min per round

Coaching Tips: Break the row up for fast sprints and short rests, but make sure you don’t waste time on transitions. Talk to your partner about how to break things up and be ready to make changes on the fly. Avoid going to ‘failure’ on anything. If one partner is good at something, let them do more reps! Keep the back flat on dumbbell power snatches and make sure you are going all the way down on ring push-ups.



Context:  Competition – What is a full range of motion deadlift and burpee (for competition purposes). Fully open hip, no bouncing, etc.

Strength: 7×2 split or push jerk (7 sets of 2 reps, same weight across at 85-95% of max) Jerk Focus Instructional Video (LINK). Video on how to lower the weight without dying (LINK)

Super Set: 7×4 dumbbell split squat (video here)

Metabolic Conditioning: “Sledge“

For time. 5 rounds

5 ‘Heavy’ Deadlifts (Health: 85#/125#, Athletic: 125#/185#, Performance: 185#/275#)

10 Burpees

Scaling Guide: 3:30 – 8 minutes, about 1:10 per round.

Coaching Tips: The deadlifts here should be at a pretty challenging weight. Smaller sets are a must, if you cannot maintain a good flat back. ‘Touch and go’s’ should only be performed if technique is on point. The burpees are just next to the bar (not jumping over). With the burpees, avoid hyper extending the lumbar when coming off of the ground, and having a totally rounded back when standing up (both are bad for your back)!

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 12 goblet squats, 20 cal row, 4 min, OR 3 sets of 12 single arm db press in a super set with 12 weighted step ups


"The Real Deal"

Context: Practice – Good form is more efficient.

Skill Practice: Perform 3 sets of 30s ‘stir the pot’ on the rings. Move the feet up to make it challenging but doable – VIDEO

Metabolic Conditioning: “The Real Deal“

15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

40 Double unders* (Health: 80 single unders)

6 hang power clean (Health: 35#/45#, Athletic: 45#/65#, Performance: 65#/95#)

6 shoulder press (same)

6 push press (same)

12 front rack reverse lunge in place (same) -alternate legs, 6 left / 6 right

Scaling Guide: 3 – 6 rounds, about 3:30 per round. Scale Up: 85/135lb bar

Coaching Tips: Keep your arms close to your sides and use as much wrist as possible for the jump rope; If you use your arms, your shoulders will fatigue, making the rest of the movements harder. Try to do the shoulder presses and push presses in one set. Really focus on using your legs for the push presses to save the shoulders. You can hold on to the bar with the hands for the lunges, or you can do the ‘I dream of genie’ style where you crisscross your arms. Alternate legs on the front rack reverse lunges but stay in place.

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 4 min max cal row or assault bike

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