"Bright Moon"

Context: Practice –  Using the hook grip to save grip strength

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 10 minutes working up to a challenging clean and jerk (80-90%) or perform 4 reps on the minute for 5 minutes (at 50-60%).

Metabolic Conditioning: “Bright Moon”

4 rounds for time.

12 power clean and jerk (Health: 45#/65#, Athletic: 65#/85#, Performance: 85#/135#)

12 toes-to-bar OR 4 bar muscle-ups

400m run OR 0.75 mile airdyne

Scaling Guide: 16 – 22 minutes, about 4.5 min per round. Scale Up: 105/155lb bar.

Coaching Tips: Be conservative on your first round with the pacing. Break up the clean and jerks, even if you don’t think you need to. Then you can go harder on the later rounds. If you are comfortable with the load, try and combine the catch of the power clean into the beginning of the jerk to move faster. If you opt to do bar muscle ups, don’t be afraid to drop back to toes to bar on the later rounds. Pace the run/airdyne so that you can go right into your next set of clean and jerks, but run hard on the last round!


"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Context: Practice –  starting position of the clean vs the deadlift

Strength: 3-3-3-3-3 Power clean (5 sets of 3 reps, increase weigh with each set to max).

Super Set: 3-3-3-3-3 single arm ring row

Metabolic Conditioning:For Whom the Bell Tolls

9 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

5 supine ring rows

10 Burpees

15 American kettlbell swings (Health: 18#/26#, Athletic: 26#/35#, Performance: 35#/53#)

Scaling Guide: 4 – 6 rounds, about 1:45 min per round. Scale Up: 3/5 strict pull ups and 53/70lb kb swings.

Coaching Tips: Keep the ring rows strict! Go a bit faster on the burpees and the kettlebell swings because you’ll catch some of your breath on the ring rows in later rounds. Do not hyper extend the lumbar on burpees. Make sure the kettlebell swings are going fully overhead, but do not hyper extend the back on these either!

TEAM VERSION: 10 min AMRAP of 10 ring rows (alternate), 10 burpees for both partners at the same time, 30 kb swings (alternate)

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy:  4 minutes of max cal airdyne or row OR 3 sets of 15 db bent over rows in a super set with 12 db step ups


"Open 17.5"

Context:  Competition – Pacing is key on a workout like this


Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working on ring dip and muscle up progressions.


Metabolic Conditioning: “Open 17.5”

For time – 10 rounds

9 thrusters (Health: 35#/45# Athletic: 45#/65#, Performance: 65#/95#)

35 double unders

Scaling Guide: 10-19 minutes, about 1:15-1:20 per round.

Coaching Tips: Pace the first few rounds a bit faster than the middle rounds. Consider doing the thrusters in less sets so you don’t have to pick up the bar as often. When starting a new set, squat clean the first rep to save a bit of energy. Really focus on using the legs to drive the bar overhead to save the shoulders. Keep the hands close to the body on the double unders and remember that ‘fast’ double unders with a small jump will be more efficient than slow reps with a high jump!



Context: Practice – It should feel very ‘light’ at the beginning of a cycle

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 7 minutes working on barbell lunges (front, back or overhead). Lunge out 20′ using progressively more challenging loads or more challenging variations. Plan on doing at least 4-6 ‘sets’. Share bars to reduce how much space is needed!

Strength: 9 x 1 Deficit Deadlift 2 of 12 (9 sets of 1 rep, same weight for each set, at 55-65% of max deadlift)

Super Set: 9 x 2 weighted strict pull-up (or progression)

Metabolic Conditioning:Wanksta

For reps – 3 rounds

1 min dumbbell front rack reverse lunge steps – two hands, R+L = 1 rep (Health: no weight, Athletic: 15#/20#, Performance: 20#/30#)

1 min chest-to-bar pull-ups

1 min row for calories or 2 muscle cleans (65#/95#) + 2 burpees = 4 rower calories

Scaling Guide: 100 – 160 ‘reps’, about 40 reps per round.

Coaching Tips: You can start on any movement, but it must be completed in order. Make sure the knee touches the floor on every lunge rep and that you keep your chest up. Break up the pull ups early so you can get more reps later on. Pace the row so you don’t blow up on the later rounds and be very conscious about not using your arms to pull to early (it will make the pull ups much harder)!

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: 10 box jumps, 10 burpees, 30s plank, 4 minutes OR 3 sets of 12 single arm bench press in a super set with 15 loaded hip extensions


"Rock You Fast"

Context: Practice – Keep the form legit by doing smaller sets

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working on kipping drills, focused on kipping pull ups and bar muscle ups.

Metabolic Conditioning:Rock You Fast

4 rounds – AMReps (as many reps as possible)

1 min ‘heavy’ American kettlebell swing (Health: 26#/35#, Athletic: 35#/53#, Performance: 53#/70#)

1 min ‘high’ box jump (Health: 12″/20″. Athletic: 20″/24″, Performance: 24″/30”)

1 min pistols (either leg)

1 min toes-to-bar

1 min bumper plate push (20’ = 1 rep), (Health: 15#/25#, Athletic: 25#/35#, Performance: 35#/45#)

1 min rest

Scaling Guide: 250 – 350 total reps, about 75 per round. Scale Up:  30″/36″ box, 2 6#/35#pistols

Coaching Tips: You can start at any movement, but you must go in order (except for the rest). For example, if you start on toes to bar, you’ll go all the way through pistols before resting. If you start on high box jumps, you’ll end on kb swings before resting, etc. Do not go all out on the first round. Be conservative and plan on hitting more reps on round 2 and 3. After the first round, you should know what movements you can get the most reps on and you should maximize your reps on that movement. Conversely, if a movement leaves you completely blow up, pace that one a bit slower to get more reps on everything else (probably true for the sled pushes more than anything else). Take your time on the high box jumps and don’t do reps that may cause a spill.

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