"Cool Runnings"


Context: Competition

Strength: 7 x 1 Front BOX squat (7 sets of 1 rep, same weight across, approximately 80 – 90% of front squat).

Super Set: 7 x 3 weighted strict pull up -or progression (7 sets of 3 reps, “across,” scale to the same challenge as the main lift).

Metabolic Conditioning: “Cool Runnings” (CrossFit classic)

For time. 21-15-9

Power Clean (Health: 45#/55#, Athletic: 55#/75#, Performance: 75#/115#)

Thruster (same)

Scaling Guide: 5-11 minutes, about 3-5 min to finish through the 15 power cleans.­

Coaching Tips: Pace the power cleans and the thrusters on the first round so you can go faster on the 15s and the 9s. Drop the bar often on the cleans, but don’t let your form slip when you bend over to pick it back up for the next set. Keep the bar under control when you lower it down on the thruster. Do not let it drop from full extension overhead to the bottom of the squat unless you have a much heaver thruster max (1.5-2x as heavy approximately). Alternate resting between taking a few breaths with the bar on the shoulders, and dropping the bar to minimize extra cleans getting into position. Paced correctly, the 9s should be 1-2 sets for each movement.

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 15 Russian kb swings, 25 Cal row, 4 min


"Bright Moon"


Context: Competition

Mobility: Hip

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working up to a challenging hang power clean (80-90%), or perform 5 reps on the minute for 5 minutes (50-60%)

Metabolic Conditioning: “Bright Moon”

4 rounds for time.

12 power clean and jerk (Health: 45#/65#, Athletic: 65#/95#, Performance: 95#/135#)

12 toes to bar or 4 bar muscle-ups

400m run

Scaling Guide: 16 – 22 minutes, about 4.5 min per round. Scale Up: 105/155lb bar.

Coaching Tips: Be conservative on your first round with the pacing. Break up the clean and jerks, even if you don’t think you need to. Then you can go harder on the later rounds. If you are comfortable with the load, try and combine the catch of the power clean into the beginning of the jerk to move faster. If you opt to do bar muscle ups, don’t be afraid to drop back to toes to bar on the later rounds. Pace the run/airdyne so that you can go right into your next set of clean and jerks, but run hard on the last round!

Optional ‘Cash Out’: none


"Yay Burpees!"


Context: Mental Toughness

Mobility: Shoulder

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working on up to a challenging single leg deadlift for 3 reps (each side), use kettlebells or dumbbells.

Strength: 5 x 3 Front BOX squat (6 sets of 2 reps, same weight across, approximately 75 – 85% of front squat).

Super Set: 5 x 5 weighted strict pull up -or progression (6 sets of 4 reps, “across,” scale to the same challenge as the main lift).

Metabolic Conditioning: “100 Burpees“ (CrossFit Classic)

For time.

100 Burpees

Scaling Guide: Scaling 5-10 minutes, Scale Up: 150 burpees for time.

Coaching Tips: Choose a pace that you can maintain for at least the first 3 minutes. Most people will do well with 4 – 6 every 20 seconds. If you unsure of a good pace, start at what feels like 80% and look at the clock after the first minute. Use that to pace your second minute, etc. Try not to use your shoulders so they operate properly on the later rounds. If you have a pad to do these on (or even just wearing knee sleeves), use it!

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 20 suitcase lunge steps, 20 cal row, 3 rounds


"Load the Flintlocks and Board"


Context: Practice

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working on skin the cats and progressions. Video here

Metabolic Conditioning: “Load the Flintlocks and Board”

For Time.

1500m row

1 min rest

Then 5 rounds:

7 hang power snatch (Health: 35#/45#, Athletic: 45#/65#, Performance: 65#/95#)

5 pistols per leg (alternate as desired)

40 single unders or 30 cross overs (both considered Rx)

Game Changer (Rx only): If you finish in under 13 minutes, get back on the rower and row from minute 11 – 13 for max calories. Subtract 1 second for each calorie rowed and log this time.  Note original time and calories rowed into your workout notes.

Scaling Guide: 14 – 19 minutes (not including game changer).

Coaching Tips: Push the pace on the row to see if you can get a new PR on your 1500m distance. The first round of the rest of it will be challenging because 1 min shouldn’t be enough rest to recover from the row. As you get your wind back, speed up on the middle rounds if you can. Scale the pistols to sitting down on a low box and standing on one leg if you can’t do pistols. For the cross overs, each time the rope goes under you it counts as one rep (cross-uncross is two reps).


"Crimson Leaves"


Context: Practice

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working up to a challenging weighted ring dip or progression.

Strength: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Snatch (7 sets of 1 rep, increase weight with each set to max)

Metabolic Conditioning: “Crimson Leaves”

8 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

40′ overhead plate lunge (Health: 10#/15#, Athletic: 15#/25#, Performance: 25#/45#)

20′ shuttle run with line touch, 8 reps (4 round trips, out and back = 2 reps)

10 kipping handstand push-ups (Health:10 dumbbell shoulder press at 15-30#, Athletic: 10 kipping to two AbMats/10 kipping to one AbMat, Performance: 10 to one AbMat/10 head to floor)

Scaling Guide: 3 – 6 rounds, about 2 min per round. Scale Up: 2″/4″ deficit on the kipping HSPU.

Coaching Tips: Good shoulder mobility will make the lunges and the handstand push-ups easier. If you struggle with going overhead, spend some time between sets of lifting to do extra shoulder and wrist mobility. Keep you thumbs under the plate for the lunges (or you may end up dropping the plate on your head). The shuttle runs are one hand touch on the ‘line’ and they are 4 round trips. Focus on using the legs for the kipping HSPU. The harder you kick your legs, the easier the HSPU will be (and the less ‘blown up’ your shoulders will be for the next round of OH lunges)!

Optional ‘Cash Out’: 10 burpees, 15 wall ball, 3 rounds

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