I remember the time when I used to hate being in the kitchen. I didn’t really know how to cook. I was so impatient that I would start cooking, get bored, hot, get frustrated, turn off everything and throw that thing in the trashcan, hit the drive-thru or go to my mom’s house for Lola’s cooking. Then I discovered CrossFit (Desert Crossfit) and fell in love with it .

-Nahdja Shaikh


Now I have to say I am addicted. The knowledge of the staff is impressive. Come to find out I like lifting again, Olympic lifting that is. We are learning new things and pushing new boundaries in lift techniques and knowledge all the Time. I am never bored.
Thank you Cheryl.

-Clint Lewis


Wanted to let you know I had the best time participating in the 5:30a.m. classes and love your classes. You really are the best instructor and I love your sense of humor and warmth you project to every client.  I can’t wait ‘til I visit or actually move to Palm Desert.  My family that live there are looking for a house for me to purchase so hopefully it will be within a year. Again, I thank you so much and can’t wait to be back. Thank you for being so patient with me. At least I learned how to pick up the granite ball.  I had never been taught that technique.  You are the bomb.

-Judy Mahany


My CrossFit experience actually began about a year before I ever joined Desert CrossFit. Oddly enough it began in a pizza place. A local pizza place I enjoyed from time to time has an employee named Mo. I did not know Mo at the time, but had seen him there the last couple of years and noticed about a year ago how he had changed. He was a pretty big guy when I first saw him there. However, now, He was no longer big and chubby, but lean and muscled out. Bear with me, I am getting to a point…

A year ago when I saw the “new” Mo, I saw him wearing a Desert CrossFit t-shirt. Was this what had made all the changes? I pulled out my iPhone and googled Desert CrossFit and read a little bit of the page and finished my meal and left. Later that week I looked at the webpage again and was intrigued by all the information, especially the paleo lifestyle information. I had been doing paleo for about a year at that point, as well as karate, and had dropped about 60 pounds over that year. Over the next year I kept reading and kept up with the information coach Cheryl posts. And man, does she post!

Over the past year I learned a lot about CrossFit and paleo and how effective it is. I could tell from the webpage that this lady really cares about what she does and the athletes she trains. It took me a year to muster up the courage to drop by the box on a Sunday afternoon to peek in the windows and see what CrossFit was all about. I took a card she had on the door (the Box was closed, I was still too shy to come by during opening hours). Still wanting to learn more about CrossFit, I read the book “Inside the Box” by T.J. Murphy and learned so much about CrossFit and the camaraderie it instills in its athletes and how effective it is at promoting optimal health.

Two weeks later I finally summoned up the courage to call and make an appointment to do the introductory classes. I felt so out of place walking in the Box. I am not exactly a small guy. Standing 5’10”, I was 415 pounds at my highest weight two years ago and 330+ when I walked through the door that second week of January 2013. Cheryl was awesome. So caring, informative and supportive those two weeks of my on-ramp classes. Never judgmental, no attitude, and nothing short of awesome! Over those two weeks she taught me, and the class of newbies, the fundamental movements of CrossFit.

After my initial two weeks, the box started the Coast to Coast Paleo Challenge. Over the course of the next six weeks, I dropped 32 pounds, lost 18 inches off my body overall and improved my pre-challenge WOD time and reps. My strength and stamina have soared and my body is changing in ways I never thought I would ever see. I have a neck and have collarbones now! After almost four months of training at Desert Crossfit I am down about 40+ pounds and have definitely increased my muscle mass and strength and dropped body fat (despite a three week vacation in Las Vegas and Hawai’i when my fiancé was home from Afghanistan).

If you are serious about getting in the best functional shape of your life, dropping fat, increasing muscle strength and endurance, I cannot recommend DCF highly enough. The athletes and coaches there are so supportive of one another and want you to succeed. My entire life has changed since walking through the Box doors back in January. The only regret I have is that I did not have the courage to start a year ago!

Oh, and back to Mo. He is one of the coaches at DCF and you can see his before and after pictures on the DCF website. All the coaches at DCF are amazing, supportive and caring. I cannot end this review without saying how much I appreciate them all: Coaches Cheryl, Jesse, Ramon “Mo” and Rodrigo, you are all awesome! Thank you so much!

-Mike Daws


“For the past three years Desert Crossfit has helped me to become a faster, leaner, and confident version of myself. I cannot express in words how invaluable Desert Crossfit is to me and countless others throughout our community.”

-Alex Jazan


“In the time that I have had the opportunity to get to know Cheryl Cohen, I have been nothing short of moved by her forthright dedication to want to help improve the over all wellness as well as attitude of the people who are apart of Desert CrossFit.  Cheryl demonstrates a true sincerity of giving when it come to the knowledge that she has in regards to being physically fit, all one would have to do is take one look at her to see that Cheryl practices what she preaches and teaches, how to advance ones body and mind to be a more healthy human being.  Cheryl and Desert CrossFit have demonstrated to me a quality of honesty, integrity, and true friendship in her direction of wanting to see the people she teaches reach and or possibly exceed their goals.”

-Ben Gold


“Desert CrossFit has changed my life. Since I started CrossFit, I have lost thirty some pounds and have learned how to live a happier and healthier life. Cheryl Cohen is an amazing coach. She has a vast understanding of fitness and nutrition and she is a great teacher and motivateo. Her facility is a huge asset to the Palm Desert Community.”

-Ben Weiner


“In the last five months since discovering Crossfit and specifically Desert Crossfit, I have been introduced to not only the highest level of fitness I have ever achieved but also the nutrition and lifestyle changes necessary to improve my overall health and wellness.
Desert Crossfit in my opinion is an absolutely amazing facility and program. The sheer energy and friendly staff are a tribute to this community and the great people here. Visitors from around the world who visit the valley and Desert Crossfit will confirm this. My observation has been that they are constantly working on improving their relationship with the community by reaching out to all with a genuine concern for overall welfare, as well as contributing to many diverse groups and functions.
I will continue to participate, support, and recommend this program to all as long as I am a resident here.”

-Bob Mackey


“Awesome” is what best describes Desert Cross Fit! I have been a member since Feburary of this year and have witnessed tremendous results with my body, strength, endurance and most of all…myself.  Cheryl provides all the tools you need to succeed in a positive atmosphere.”

-Brandi Teegarden


“Cheryl Cohen and her Desert CrossFit facility  is without a doubt an asset to Palm Desert.  She has a unique dedication and commitment to motivation, community spirit, teamwork and physical fitness.  I have been taking CrossFit classes at Desert CrossFit since March of 2011.  It has without question changed my attitude toward working out and traditional gym training.   The results have been nothing short of Amazing.”

-Brian Simkins


“Desert Crossfit has totally changed my life.  It has provided me with a strong body, healthy body since going Paleo, and inner peace.  My job is very stressful and I spend a lot of time at work.  My Desert Crossfit workouts provide me with an escape, a stress relief, friendships and a challenge to improve how I look, feel and act.  In the short time that I have been a member at Desert Crossfit I have gotten more and better results than I ever got going to a traditional gym/health club.  Crossfit is a lifestyle that I choose to live and Paleo is a lifestyle that I choose to fuel my new and improved body, mind and soul.  Thank you Cheryl and the Desert CrossFit trainers.”

-Chris Finn


“Moving out to the Desert from Denver was an experience that I will never forget in much respect of Desert Crossfit and the amazing community created by founder Cheryl Cohen! From the moment I lunged my first step through the doors of DCF, I was greeted with help hands, smiling faces, and a nice buttkicking workout with strangers (now some of my dear friends:)! Not only was I excited to come meet these new people, I was equally excited about the quality of the workout that was provided! The CrossFit community has inspired me to be a better athlete, coach, leader and person! Thank you DCF for forever touching my life and helping me to train to excel at life :)”

-Deanna Saulsbury


“I am newer member of Desert Crossfit.  I joined three months ago, and it has become a part of my weekly life routine. I cannot recommend it enough to my friends and family (my best friend just joined and loves it too).  Desert CrossFit is an elite workout facility that is not just a totally make you sweat, kick-butt workout, but a life, body, and mind changing place. Cheryl, her trainers, and clients are so positive and motivating that you want to go workout and look forward to your next sweat session. It is an inner motivating place because Desert CrossFit actually works. Every workout is different and usually I am in a “Wow I can do that!” state of mind when I leave. I live in a 43 year old body that now has noticeable muscles in my arms and back that never existed before.  I have shrunken from a double digit to single digit size. My most recent life “Wow” was that I went waterskiing last weekend after a 10 year gap. I got up my first try (last time I did not have enough muscle strength to hold on and get up) and even more amazing I was not even sore the next day. This summer I am doing things I physically have not been able to do in years. I so am excited!”

-Deann Cochran


“I have been a member at Desert Crossfit (DCF) for approximately two months.  Joining DCF has been one of the better life choices I have ever made. I quickly learned that DCF is not just another gym; it’s a family. The encouragement and support that I receive at DFC by the trainers as well as other members has given me a new level of motivation to succeed and to improve my overall lifestyle.”

-Emilio Lopez


“Desert CrossFit influences so many lives and has created a very unique community of health, fitness, and friendship.  It is a gym like no other.  Being a part of Desert Crossfit has changed my life.”

-Ethan Kamimsky


“Desert Crossfit has become a very important part of my life since I started going October 2010. As a lifelong dancer and devout yogi, strength specific workouts were something I had never tried until I came to Crossfit. Although I was always pretty lean, I didn’t know what it was like to feel strong and I was always at a loss when it came to moving around anything remotely heavy. Even walking through an airport with a rolling suitcase was a trial for me (seriously!) and nearly had me throwing out my back every time. My brother started going to Crossfit in October and because I had seen pictures of mutual friends doing workouts on Facebook, I was incredibly intrigued to say the least. He invited me to come along and I was all for it, although a bit intimated. After my first workout I was instantly hooked. It was like nothing I had ever done before. Cheryl, the owner, didn’t treat me like a puny little wimp and instead supported me and gave me the attention that I needed (I had never lifted a bar before in my life!) What’s great about Desert Crossfit is that it isn’t an exclusive group of elite fitness gurus, but it’s an inviting place where someone of any level can come and grow. I have found so much empowerment in the strength I have gained from doing Crossfit workouts and being able to do things I never thought I was capable of. Not only has my body gotten stronger, mentally I feel a lot tougher. And more important than just the obvious benefits of doing regular Crossfit workouts, is the community I have gained. We have a great group of positive people and we all support each other, whether it’s during a workout or in our outside lives. When I’m having a terrible day I know that I always know that I can come to Crossfit, get my butt kicked, see my friends, and walk out feeling a lot better.”

-Evelina Rodriguez


“My name is Frances Prado and I am new to the Desert Crossfit (DCF) community. I recently returned to Twentynine Palms, Ca from Okinawa, Japan, my husband’s last duty station.  I first was introduced to Crossfit in Okinawa, Japan in February 2011 and since then it has been such an awe-inspiring experience. Crossfit is far from your average type of gym.  It goes beyond that. Crossfit “boxes” as they are called (not gyms) promotes excellence in fitness, health, nutrition and overall well-being. The fitness programs are done as a group allowing our peers on all levels to excel and motivate each other during the workouts. This creates a sense of family and that, to me, is what Crossfit is about.
When I left my Crossfit family is Okinawa, I was doubtful that I would find another family like them. But sure enough, when I walked into Desert Crossfit less than a week ago, I was welcomed as if I had always been there. I believe that establishments like Desert Crossfit are rare. DCF fosters positivity and is beneficial to the community of Palm Desert and beyond.”

-Fran Prado


“I am a 49 year old professional and I have been training at DCF for the last 2 years with impressive results in my health and my physique. DCF has a diverse and outstanding group of students, as well as a supportive relationship with the community in Coachella Valley.”

-Franco Costa


“Desert CrossFit rocks! I’m making healthier choices for both me and for my family and it gives me a great workout in an hour and has flexible hours for my crazy work schedule and crazy life! By far best workout around and I used to be a bootcamp instructor! Cheryl is great whether you go once a week or everyday she knows everyone by name and makes you feel like you are as important to her as she is to you!”

-Jaci Fitzimonds


“After joining Desert CrossFit in January 2011, my life has been transformed in so many ways.  My health has improved greatly and I have never felt better about myself.  I now have a confidence about myself that I had never had before.  I have so much more energy, and in return this has helped me become more active with my children.  I have met so many new people at Desert CrossFit, which I now call my great friends.  Desert CrossFit is active in the community, spreading the word on how important being healthy is at every age.”

-Jaime Timberlake


“I have been training at Desert Crossfit for almost a year and it is a fantastic facility. Cheryl Cohen, the owner, is a world-class trainer, a certified Level 2 Crossfit Coach, and is constantly striving to improve the community. After training at Desert Crossfit for about 6 months, I had seen such great results that I went enrolled in a Crossfit Trainer Class. I have now been a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer for 4 months and coach athletes at Desert Crossfit. Desert Crossfit has over 100 members and is spreading a great fitness and nutrition information to 1 athlete at time. Everyone who works out there has seen amazing results and the community is second to none.”

-Jake Cohen


“Crossfit has given me a reason to get up in the morning!  Given me the energy I need to be a more productive human being.  This is the first exercise program that I’m actually kind of addicted to.  It’s challenging, but rewarding.  It’s a community of really motivated individuals that are striving to be better.  I’m glad I am a part of something so incredible!”

-Jenee Scicli


“For over a year now I have been an active member of Desert Crossfit located in Palm Desert, Ca. When I moved here I was looking not only for a place to workout but a place that had a sense of community. Desert Crossfit was the ONLY gym I walked into out of several that offered that. Desert Crossfit must be experienced to be understood. It is truly one of the best things that has happened in my life. I look better and feel better everyday. Cheryl Cohen has created a program that is unlike any other. High intensity workouts with one on one training accompanied by motivation, enthusiasm and safety! I highly recommend Desert Crossfit to everyone. It’s a great place to be!!!”

-Jessica Bracamonte


“I am a strong supporter of Desert CrossFit, not only does it work with every part of the body to make you the best you can be, it saved me.   I had been going to CrossFit for several months when I got very ill, lost a lot of weight and could barely walk.  Once I was able to come back to CrossFit, my strength came back faster than anyone expected, and Cheryl worked carefully with me to make sure it was slow but sure.  My recovery took 1/3 of the time had I not been working with Cheryl before.  The group of people going to CrossFit are all supportive of each other, which is not something you find at all gyms.  Desert Cross Fit is far more than a gym.  You learn about many ways to become healthy… in mind, body, and nutrition.”

-JoEllen Craglione


” Cheryl Cohen and her team do an absolutely amazing job at making everyone feel welcome!  Cheryl provides a positive environment to live a constructive and healthy lifestyle thus contributing to good order and a great community.”

-Jorge Palomo


“Desert CrossFit is a value to the area and the community. They emphasize health, fitness, and overall wellbeing, which is crucial in this society of the severly obese. Desert CrossFit is a community in and of itself, it is full of camraderie, partnerships, and friendships. It not only forges Elite Fitness, it also forges lasting relationship.. It brings a diverse group of individuals together to obtain a common goal. It isn’t just a fitness center, it is a family.”

-Katie Leffler


“As a Palm Desert resident one of the factors that strongly impacted my decision to move my family to this city was due in no small part to it’s dedication to creating a sense of “Community” for its residents.  This is exactly what Desert CrossFit provides for its members.  Although the underlying purpose for participating in CrossFit fitness training is to be a healthy and well-rounded human being, we accomplish this by working and playing as a community to achieve our goals.  We celebrate member’s birthdays, encourage members to bring their children with them when we train, cheer for each other during some of the most intense physical challenges our incredibly dedicated coaches can create for us and we never let another member quit on themselves.  One of the first things you learn about as a new member is that you are responsible to greet and introduce yourself to every new face that walks in the door.  The rationale is quite simple.  Everyone is meant to feel welcome.  Whether you’re young, old, male, female, married, single, in shape or a bit out of shape, you are welcome to become a part of our community.  All you have to do is want to improve the person you are and promise to give us everything you’ve got for an hour at a time.”

-Kyle Stjerne


“Desert Crossfit has been an awesome addition to my workout routine. It allows me to get my burn in the morning before I start my day. The Crossfit team has been an invaluable motivating force that pushes me to succeed and work harder each and every workout session. Desert Crossfit, Cheryl, and all the other trainers can change your life like it has mine. All you have to do is commit to show up and promise to never give up. I would encourage anyone who wants to live a healthier and more active lifestyle to join the Desert Crossfit family.”

-Larry Knowlton


“I have been a member of Desert Crossfit from the beginning. It was the only CrossFit facility in the valley. Since then the membership has grown substantially. There is no workout like it in the world that raises your fitness level to the heights that it can. The CrossFit community in the valley has been growing with more and more people discovering how results oriented CrossFit is. I have seen so many body transformations come to life since I have worked out with Desert Crossfit, simply put, it’s amazing!
Desert CrossFit is the longest standing CrossFit in the valley.  Not only do we push each other to greater heights while doing the workouts but we all have a special bond which only happens in a Crossfit community.  Desert CrossFit is a community that is changing the way people work out and changing peoples lives for the better.”

-Laura Keenan


“I have been a member of Desert Crossfit since February 17, 2011.  Me experience with this school of elite fitness located in Palm Desert has been amazing.  From the moment I started Desert Crossfit I felt welcomed.  I have been able to achieve many goals, and have learned a great deal in regards to leading a healthier life style.  My participation in Desert Crossfit has gotten me in the best shape that I have been in many years.  The environment that Cheryl helps create at Desert Crossfit makes members want to come and work out and interact with each other.  I personally feel like I’m missing something when I can’t attend a session.  You truly do get a sense of family when you are at Desert Crossfit.  Although every work out is extremely challenging, I always get a great deal of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment when I’m finished.
Not only is Desert Crossfit helping individuals in the community become healthier with the leadership provided by Cheryl, but it is also a place that helps foster positive interaction with members that normally would not have a chance to meet.  This interaction between like minded individuals that come from various professions and backgrounds is what makes Desert Crossfit awesome.”

-Manny Bayardo


“I joined Desert Crossfit a few months ago and have never had a more positive and challenging environment.  Everyone is friendly and helpful when you walk in the door.  There is no other place like Desert Crossfit in Palm Desert or the valley.  Cheryl Cohen is a wonderful leader and teacher and I enjoy every class.”

-Megan Harvey


“I love Crossfit! When I think I can’t Crossfit says yes I CAN! Crossfit helps me break through my limits! I am so grateful, it really has changed my life!! Thank you Crossfit and Cheryl for being the best  trainer in town! And thank you for not letting me give up on me!!  AWESOME!!!”

-Michele Viliunas


“Desert Crossfit is the oldest and largest Crossfit among the Crossfits here in the Coachella Valley.  We have been going to Desert Crossfit for a year, and can tell you from experience that it is like no other gym we have ever been to.  We consider Crossfit our second family, not a group of nameless individuals that we happen to work out with.  Everyone knows each other by name and there is a real family atmosphere fostered by Cheryl Cohen.  We socialize together outside of our gym time and brainstorm on ways to promote fitness to the broader Coachella Valley community.
There have been many events in which Cheryl and the Desert Crossfit community have encouraged an awareness of fitness and sense of community in the City of Palm Desert.  Three come immediately to mind.  First, is the heavily advertised and open to the community Marine Core Challenge, where marines from 29 Palms compete in fitness challenges against members of Desert Crossfit. It is an all-day event and has drawn a sizable crowd of curious valley residents.  Second, last year’s Urban Domination Challenge on El Paseo saw Desert Crossfitters in a friendly and positive competition that was part 5K race and part scavenger hunt.  The reaction of our fellow Coachella Valley citizens on the street and in shops was one of amazement and happiness.  Lastly, was the charity event Fight Gone Bad 5.  Despite the name, the only “fight” in this event was against one’s own exhaustion while competing in feats of athletic endurance.  Proceeds from the event went to the Wounded Warrior Project and Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong foundation, among others.
Desert Crossfit has changed our lives for the better.  After years of largely running in place (both literally and metaphorically) at a variety of local gyms, we have finally found success in health and fitness through the fitness program at Cheryl Cohen’s Desert Crossfit.  An added bonus, and perhaps more importantly, we have found a new circle of friends that have become like family to us.”

-Pamela and Michael Horton


“How do I begin?  There are too many wonderful things I can say about Desert Crossfit  It is a fun, friendly, awesome, fantastic, and happy place and of course incredible people,  I love being part this Desert Crossfit family!”

-Patty Edwards


“When I came across a major cross-road in my life I was in need of something to help me through my choices. A friend suggested I try a Crossfit class…. As I am usually game to try anything with a positive outlook, I agreed.  When I walked in to Desert Crossfit I knew I had found what I needed! I had no idea it would not only change my body, but changed my outlook on life! The members are now like family have grown in many areas of my life in the passed 8weeks! I can not imagine my life with out Desert Crossfit!! Crossfit has given me a new me with a new outlook on my life journey!”

-Renee Nelson


“My wife and I have been residents of the Coachella Valley since 1996, and have lived in Rancho Mirage for the past 7 years.  I am a member of Desert Crossfit and have found it to be a unique business unlike any “gym” I have ever joined.  My career in the Legal Profession, like many professions, adds to the stresses of everyday life.  Desert Crossfit has been the best workout program I have personally ever been a part of that has been successful in dealing with life’s stresses and contributed toward my healthy lifestyle.”

-Rod Cortez


“Because of Desert CrossFit, I now have the endurance and stamina to get outside swim, bike and hike the majestic trails of the valley. I not only have learned a great deal on how to exercise safely and properly but I have met so many new people. I have developed new friendships that have changed my life in so many positive ways.”

-Sean Bergara


“Desert Crossfit is the absolute best gym I have ever belonged too. Cheryl and her staff are some of the best coaches I think you will find not only here in the valley but throughout the whole Crossfit community nationwide.  I have been a member of Desert Crossfit for about 6 months and during that time, not only have I been successful in trimming down, but my overall health and wellbeing have drastically improved. The Crossfit philiosophy and community shines brightly here in the Coachella Valley. I am so glad to be able to have such a wonderful gym in my back yard.  I look forward to achieving my fitness goals in the years to come right here in the valley with Desert Crossfit.”

-Trisha LeCompte


“My personal experience began six months ago when I walked through welcoming doors into an environment that has served both as an outlet for exercise and that of personal growth.   Desert CrossFit has provided me with a strong balance between a fitness regimen, nutrition, and personal outlook on life.  Since I have become a member I have found that not only has my body transformed on the outside, but I have challenged myself mentally.  This gym is a vital part of my life and that of the many friends I have made along the way.
Desert CrossFit serves the Palm Desert community in developing a standard of fitness that is not available at any other outlet in the Coachella Valley.  Our instructor Cheryl Cohen has proved her communal ties many times over through various local charity events, aerobic and nutritional education, and has truly developed a business that creates a personal experience for all ages.  This is not just a gym that serves the masses but a community that serves each other”

-Trent Ritter


“What has CrossFit and more specifically Desert CrossFit (DCF) done for me? Wow, the question really is what hasn’t it done for me? CrossFit training is like no other, nothing you’ve ever done can compare. The workouts are INTENSE! Your body transforms as you become stronger, faster, healthier, naturally energized and more mentally alert. As a result, you are a better husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, citizen, ultimately a better person. I am happy to call Desert CrossFit my CrossFit home! We are not just a bunch of people working out. We are a community a family built on friendships that will last forever. We are there to push each other when we think we have reached our physical limits, we keep each other mentally motivated. We don’t quit! We are DESERT CROSSFIT!!!”

-Charis Burton


Training with Cheryl has been a wonderful experience. As a relatively new runner she has improved my overall strength, balance and flexibility. I started training with her after a running injury left me sidelined for 4 months. I feel stronger overall and my running has greatly improved. Each session with Cheryl is challenging but the variety of workouts keeps things fun and I’m always guessing as to what is next. I just completed my 2nd half marathon and did so stronger and faster than the last; I credit Cheryl’s workouts with helping me get through a difficult race in one piece and feeling great at the end. I recommend Cheryl to anyone with an interest to improve their overall wellbeing whether you’re new to fitness or an athlete looking to take it to the next level.
– Jessica Caenepeel

It has been almost a year since joining Cheryl’s outdoor fitness class.  I have been attending three classes per week.  Along with the challenging and fun classes she has also advised us on diet, giving us ideas and encouragement. The workouts are never the same. She is creative and innovative with our exercises. She also constantly researches new ways to get the best results.  As a result, over the last year I have lost 20 pounds and gone down two sizes (almost three at this point).  My friend Jim says, ‘I’ve never looked better!’

-Erin Devine


I am always looking for new ways to keep my workouts both fresh and exciting. Cheryl’s fitness classes have been the perfect fit for me. She changes the routine every time so that each class is unique. This full-body workout is intense but Cheryl makes it fun for everybody. It’s always great to workout in the beautiful outdoors of San Diego. It’s a fantastic, and healthy, way to start off my day.

-John Betlejewski


Being thin does not always mean you are fit or healthy. That is one of the things I have learned from Cheryl. In the back of my mind, I always knew that I would have to make a lifestyle change since I have a family history of weight and weight-related health issues. It was sixth months ago that I made a decision to get in charge of my health.

The last three months I have worked out with Cheryl and I LOVE IT! Not only do I feel in the best shape of my life, I feel more confident with my body and a boost in my emotional well-being. Prior to joining in Cheryl’s program I paid a personal trainer for two months and I saw no results. It was a waste of money and time. I am so glad I didn’t give up because since my first workout with Cheryl, I felt like I really exercised all of my muscles and I felt that I had pushed myself physically more than ever before. The classes are fun and every time different, which makes me anticipate each and every class.

It is not easy to lose weight or get in shape because you need to work hard and have a goal but if you’re willing to persevere and be committed Cheryl can guide you to a better life. My personal experience has been fantastic and I would love to see every one who reads this testimonial try one of Cheryl’s classes. Cheryl not only makes me sweat and smell really bad she make my butt burn and when I see my self in the mirror I smile, something I never did before. My body is toned and lean and I have more energy and self-esteem than anytime prior in my life. Cheryl has changed my life. And I know that she can change yours too!

-Mimi Cortes


Knowing I should live a healthier life while continually convincing myself that the time was not right to begin exercising, I was a genuine couch potato.

I heard about Cheryl from family and neighbors. After much coaxing, I made an appointment for a workout. She is energetic, creative and encouraging. I truly look forward to my workouts. Cheryl has a wide variety of challenging exercises. I appreciate her tailored coaching.
I’ve been training with Cheryl for 4 months. I’m on the path for better fitness. Thanks to her, I am stronger, healthier, have more energy and have lost weight.

-Lucky Cambon


I have been training with Cheryl for the past 3 months.  I had a total knee reconstruction about 7 months before that; had gained about 25 lbs and was really out of shape.  In the past three months I have lost 16 lbs. and probably built up about 10 lbs. worth of muscle. My body, energy, and outlook on life are changing rapidly.  Cheryl’s workouts are very challenging but fun.  Everyday she changes the routines so it is always different.  She also gives a lot of moral support and encouragement. Cheryl is very knowledgeable about sports injuries, nutrition and health and freely shares this knowledge with her clients.
My surgeon (Dr. Jan Fronek, also the Padres head surgeon) recently told me I had a complete recovery of my knee with 100% mobility and strength.  I could not have done this without Cheryl.  I would not have had the discipline or motivation without Cheryl’s’ boot camps and training.

-Lisa Adams


After a year and a half of Weight Watchers, walking, and doing aerobic activities at the gym (elliptical trainer, treadmill) and occasionally picking up my 5 lb. weights (not doing anything with them, just picking them up), I decided in January 2007 that it was time to get serious about strength training.  I was at a plateau in my weight loss, and knew that I needed to mix things up a bit.  I had noticed Cheryl’s car parked in my alley, and liked the logo on the back.  “Empowered Fitness” appealed to my need to take control of my body.

When I first started working with Cheryl, each session ended with 2 Advils and a quart of water.  Although I often felt like the exercises were hard, at the end of each session, I felt victorious.  And that feeling stayed with me for the rest of the week, with confidence carrying over into other aspects of my life.

Six months later, I find myself looking forward to my individual sessions and the classes.  I know that I will leave exhausted and yet energized at the same time.  Cheryl is always encouraging and supportive, and when I say, “I can’t”, I count on her laughing and saying, “Oh, yes, you can”…and deep down I know she’s right.

So, what have I gained?  Balance, core strength, some definition in my arms, and confidence.  And I can do real push-ups.  And sit-ups.  And I hiked up to the Vernal Falls in Yosemite and back down again and felt like a million dollars.

I still take the Advil.  But it’s good pain.

-Nancy Lazerson


Training with Cheryl is incredibly rewarding and self motivating.  It gives you the power and strength to really want to push yourself.  The workout is tough yet fun, and certainly never boring – Cheryl has an amazing array of routines that will keep you on your toes.  I come away from each session with such a sense of accomplishment – it keeps you coming back for more!

-Sue Gordon


“Since working with Cheryl, my energy is up! She makes working out fun and I finally look forward to exercising. If you are committed to this, you will see results!”

-Kelly Karpiak


“I was completely in a rut. My work outs were always the same, I never pushed myself and I was getting completely out of shape. Because of your well directed, complete work outs, I am not only in better shape, my own works out have improved. I feel much better and I could not have done it without your help!”

-Katie Lara


Cheryl got me pregnant; and it only hurt a little bit!

No little blue line, no plus sign.  After ANOTHER disappointing visit with my doctor, and a discussion about fertility medicine and the possibility of a disorder called PCOS, my doctor recommended regular exercise and weight loss as the best chance to reach my goal of pregnancy.   And then I found Cheryl.

After spending some time assessing my diet and deciding on some problem areas to fix, I committed to a program of eating and exercise that I could live with and more importantly would get me to my goal.   After only 8 weeks, I was down more than 25 pounds and well on my way to more!  I worked out 3-4 times a week with Cheryl, both in private and in group sessions.  And my workout was fun! I looked forward to it.


Cheryl always had a variety of activities planned that took my mind off of the fact that I was exercising.   And with my mind occupied, it wasn’t very long before I was dripping with sweat and with no idea how I got to be that way.  You see, Cheryl made me sweat, but she also helped me to become a much healthier, and nearly 70 pound lighter, me.

If you are like me, you have tried everything before.  If there was a pill, a plan or a method for weight loss, I’d tried it, but here’s the difference:  With Cheryl, I modified my behaviors and eating habits.   I learned how to be not only physically fit, but behaviorally fit.  And on the day before I was scheduled to start my fertility medications, I reached my ultimate goal; a little plus sign.   And a second pink line and another plus sign and even a smiley face.  You see, Cheryl got me pregnant and it took me four home pregnancy tests to believe it.

I continued to work out with Cheryl until I hit the middle of my seventh month.  With her extensive knowledge of fitness, she was able to modify exercises and workouts so that I could continue up until the time where pushups were pointless because my belly dragged on the ground.

One last important thing…my delivery was a cinch.  My doctor was amazed.  As a first time mother I was expected to be in labor for 24 hours and push for at least 2 of those…but strong abs, strong legs and the determination I learned in my workouts got me through labor in less then 11 hours and I pushed for three rounds, a total of 20 minutes.

My son Nathaniel is a dream come true.  He was born on July 3rd a perfect 8 1/2 pound healthy boy.    You see, I mean it when I say that Cheryl got me pregnant, And gave me the biggest blessing in my life.

-Gabrielle Lieberg


“I am a competitive person and others would say I am an overachiever, but in one area: exercise! I hate exercising. The closest thing to exercising I ever did was running after the kids. When people asked me about exercising…well, you already know my answer. But that line lasted for so long, as my kids are teenagers and refuse for me to run after them…other than to give them money. Sounds familiar? That’s when a dear friend and co-worker invited me, and later dare me, to join her in her exercise routine. And, for the first time in my life, I am liking this exercise routine! In six weeks, I can say, see and feel I have more endurance (psychological and physical), better self-esteem (fit in my pants with less of a wiggle), have energy (not necessarily due to caffeine) and reduced stress level (even with two teenagers!). Cheryl has been outstanding, patient (and she needs a lot of it when I start to act out in class) and inspiring. She is your best cheerleader! So, if you are thinking about adding one more thing into your already tumultuous life…please DO! What are you waiting for? I am seeing results…and love them!”

-Vilmarie Rodriguez


“I have been working out with Cheryl at her lunchtime boot camp twice a week for about four weeks and I love it! I love it so much that I have joined her Saturday AM class at Mission Bay.
At first it was pretty difficult but within a couple of sessions I found it easier and got into the swing of things. She really gives us a fun workout that targets all areas of the body especially core strength. I have lost weight and inches!”

-Jackie O’Donald


“I started exercising with my dear friend Charlotte, mainly to keep her company and encourage her to stay on the regiment that Cheryl had designed for her. But then I realized I was getting just as much benefit from our workout sessions as Charlotte was. I lost inches, gained strength and endurance and just had a great feeling of well-being. I’m hitting the golf ball a lot further! Cheryl has done a great job of introducing new exercises for Char, so we never get bored. And our absolute favorite exercise is boxing! A great way to alleviate stress and get rid of any feelings of aggression in a healthy way. Cheryl’s program has been life-altering for Char (perhaps life-saving) and I have been the lucky beneficiary of her expertise.”

-Kathy Cates


“After one session with Cheryl I realized what I was missing in my workouts at the gym. I usually exercise using the latest static gym equipment and thought I was getting a good workout but I have learned that those machines work out the same large muscle groups each time. In Cheryl’s sessions, we work out muscles I never knew existed. The exercises are simple in nature. In only 4 weeks, I feel stronger than I have in 4 months at the gym. I workout 3 times a week now in Cheryl’s boot camp classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and I can feel the improvement with each session. I recommend these classes to anyone looking to strengthen and tighten their bodies, you will not be disappointed.”

-Jennifer Roan