"Stevie Hutchinson"

How old are you, and where are you from? I am 11 and I was born in Palm Springs, Ca
What do you do for fun outside of DCF? I play travel baseball for the Desert Prospects.
What are your favorite, and least favorite exercises? Least- Squats; Favorites- Toes To Bars
What is the hardest thing you have done, physically, in the gym? Burpees!!
What is your most proud achievement at DCF?  Box Jumps!
What is a hidden talent of yours? I can catch a baseball behind my back!
What is the biggest overall improvement you’ve made, since joining DCF?  I am becoming stronger!
What’s your favorite food? Spaghetti!
What’s your favorite movie? Ratatouille & Cars
What’s a funny story from your childhood? I used to give my dogs a piece of dog food and for every piece I gave them, I ate one too!!
What’s your favorite thing about training at DCF? I like the workouts, the kids and Coach Jen!
What is your biggest goal moving into 2018? To become a better athlete!