"Nadja Shaikh"

How old are you, and where are you from? I’m 36 years old and from Palm Desert, CA.

What do you do for work? I’m a  Bartender .

What do you do for fun outside of Desert CrossFit? Love to go dancing, eat at fine dining restaurants, go to concerts.

How has Desert CrossFit affected your life? It’s affected my life in a major way. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would look forward to working out everyday. It has taught me to be patient, fearless and have discipline.

What are your favorite, and least favorite exercises? My favorite is anything that involves lifting heavy weights. My least favorite…running and manmakers.

What is the hardest thing you have done, physically, in the gym? It’s all hard you just have to push thru the pain.

What is your most proud achievement at Desert CrossFit? Every time I hit a new PR, whether it’s small or big, is a proud achievement for me. Just shows that hard work does pay off.

What is a hidden talent of yours? I have none. lol

What is an embarrassing fact most people don’t know about? If I tell you I’d have to kill you hahah

If money was no concern, what would be your dream job? Business owner…restaurant/nightclub and/or gym.

What is the biggest overall improvement you’ve made, since joining Desert CrossFit? Recently deadlifted 300#, that was pretty cool.

What is the most valuable piece of coaching you’ve received? Be patient and trust the process.

Which public figure or celebrity would you put in the dunk tank? Trump

What’s your favorite place to eat in the desert? Spencers

If you had one movie on a deserted island what would it be? Bridesmaids

What’s a funny story from your childhood? When I was young my mom sent me a Nintendo. I lived in the province so I was the only one who had one. Charged the kids 20 pesos/hour to play. I was a young hustler. haha

What’s your favorite naughty food? Pancit and Eggrolls (Filipino food)

What’s your favorite thing about training at Desert CrossFit? Besides the community, I love that it challenges me every single day and its so much fun. I look forward to coming every morning .

What is your biggest goal moving into 2018? Hit more PRs, be able to do more than a couple of strict pull ups and push ups and run more without dying.