"Hannah Chickering"

Hometown: Pennsylvania

Occupation: 11th Grade High School Student

When did you first start CrossFit?
I first started crossfit this past summer and have been doing it for about 3-4 months now.

What is your favorite exercise?
Hmmmm… I’m going to have to go with hang squat cleans or box jumps!

What is your least favorite exercise?
Definitely rope climb … never been a big fan of heights. (haha!)

What is your sports / fitness background?
Volleyball, soccer, track, dance, cheer, and yoga are all activities I have been involved in and love all of them, but I’ve got to admit CrossFit is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to intensity!

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?
I first got exposed to CrossFit by watching the CrossFit games on TV and wondered if there were any boxes near me. Sure enough I found DCF and got started right away!

Describe your first WOD.  Were you scared?  Excited?  How did you feel after you were done?
Terrified….although the coaches and members really do a great job when it comes to welcoming a newbee. Of course it was challenging, but that’s what makes it so great! After completing my first WOD, in all honesty there was no way I was going back, but after getting a call from Cheryl asking me where I was, I decided to try another class. I’ve been addicted ever since!!

When did you know something had to change before you joined Desert CrossFit?
Before joining CrossFit I was and still currently am involved in many sports, although I still found myself with way too much free time. During this free time I’d catch myself binge watching Netflix, or going to parties, neither which are very productive. I knew I wanted to get involved in something else that would challenge me more than all of the sports I already took on and thankfully I found it!

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF?
CrossFit has definitely made me stronger which improve my performance during sports games and practices. Also, I never really payed any attention to what I ate and how it affected me. That’s all changed now. The DCF Paleo Challenge allowed me to gain more knowledge about nutrition. Now instead of chips I’ll pick an apple and feel 100x better during workouts.

Tell us about an area of your life most impacted by your decision to join Desert CrossFit.
No one forces me to go and workout at CrossFit unlike my required practices after school, although I do it anyways. CrossFit has taught me self discipline in, not only priorities, but nutrition and how important it is to take care of yourself. I’ve been procrastinating less on assignments which is huge considering Junior year is so important. CrossFit has altered my life in the most positive ways!!

When have you used CrossFit outside the box?
I have used CrossFit many times outside of the box, not only applying it to sports, but simply lifting things around the house.

What are your hobbies, interests and/or talents outside of CrossFit?
Barrel Racing. I love horses and rodeo! I’ve been competing since I was about 13, learning from my family who is all about horses.

What are some of your CrossFit goals for the next year?
I am determined to get strict ring dips!!!!

What are some of your favorite cheat meals and why?
Blueberry muffins! I am a HUGE pastry lover!

Any advice for people just getting started?
Just give it a try and if at one point you’re feeling discouraged or insecure, just know everyone starts somewhere! It’s a great community and I wouldn’t recommend anything else for someone looking to get in shape or just simply a hobby!

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