"Fuel the machine…don’t pack the trunk!"

Wait…isn’t ‘junk in the trunk’ supposed to be a good thing? This time we’re not talking about booty. Were talking about the extra stuff…you know the things people fondly refer to as love handles, thunder thighs, muffin top, bingo wings, and the dreaded saddlebags!

You can totally out eat your best training day. Real food is food that grows in water, on a plant, in dirt/on land, or has a face. Real food is fuel for our body…and our body is our machine. Without it, our machine will eventually stop working properly. One package of double stuffed Oreos after your workout puts your 2 steps forward…three steps back. It definitely doesn’t put you on the road to optimal health and performance.

Replenishing our bodies after a killer workout with real, nutritionally dense food, is far more important and beneficial than packing your tummy with empty (but tasty) calories from Dairy Queen. Sad, but true. One thing is for sure…you will appreciate it the next morning when you’re staring yourself down in the mirror playing the “Can I see my abs?” game.

Now…back to the booty (We can’t forget it!). If you are going to have one, do your due diligence to make it a cannonball, and not just miscellaneous junk in the trunk. Plus…nobody likes a dirty car. 😉

Tater and Oreos

Please take care of your beautiful machine…its one of a kind…and it is the only one you’ve got. Honor it.

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