Context:  Competition – Logging your workouts (especially benchmarks)

Skill Practice Warm Up: Spend 8 minutes working up to a challenging pause power clean plus two jerks, or do 2 sets on the minute for 6 minutes.Super 

Metabolic Conditioning: Del

For time

25 Burpees

400 m Run w/medicine ball (Health: 8#/10#, Athletic: 10#/14#, Performance: 14#/20#) OR 5 wall ball, 20′ medball shuttle run x2 round trips, 5 rounds

25 Pull-Up w/weighted w/medicine ball (same)

400 m Run with medicine ball (same)

25 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups (Health: Standing DB Shoulder Press)

400 m Run with medicine ball (same)

25 Pull-Up (Chest To Bar)s

400 m Run with medicine ball (same)

25 Burpees

Scaling Guide: 19 – 28 minutes

Coaching Tips: Get through the burpees fast but pace the medball runs – they will take more out of you than you realize. For the weighted pull-ups, you’ll have to hold the ball between your legs. Make sure you practice your kipping handstand push-ups before the workout starts so you have your timing down. The second round of pull ups are just chest to bar (not weighted chest to bar). Sell out on the last run and burpees!

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