Do you want to drop weight, build lean muscle and improve cardiovascular fitness? Then get ready for Burner Boot Camp.  It’s designed to get you the results you are looking for!


The purpose of each class is to get you closer to your goals through a physically challenging and enjoyable workout. The workouts will start with a dynamic warm up and various mobility exercises designed to get your blood pumping and heart rate up!


The main portion of class will consist of a combination of strength and conditioning exercises that use body weight, kettlebells, battling ropes, medicine balls, plyometrics, shuttle runs, band work, TRX exercises and more.  Exercises are performed for specific durations with short rest periods to allow you to change exercise and momentarily get your breath back!  All workouts can be scaled to fit the needs of each participant.


If you attend Burner Boot Camp regularly, you can expect a multitude of benefits including fat loss, increased muscle tone, shape and strength. You can also look forward to increased stamina, endurance and flexibility. In addition you may improve energy, vitality and self-confidence.


Looking for a high intensity workout without the heavy barbell movements of CrossFit?  Burner Boot Camp is the perfect option.


If you’re struggling to get the results you want, or you want a taste of CrossFit but you are not ready to dive in, then this is the PERFECT program for you.


It’s time to fire it up!




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