"Beyond the Barbell – Scott Kemp"

We’re back for another edition of ‘Beyond the Barbell’ and the December athlete we’re featuring from our #DCFStrong community is James Scott Kemp. Scott is 63 years young and has been doing CrossFit for 2 1/2 years. Since joining Desert CrossFit, Scott has been a very dedicated athlete. The DCF coaches have noted Scott gives every workout his all! We want to send a big DCF THANK YOU to Scott for his contribution to the blog (especially during this busy time of year). We’re so glad you’re part of our #DCFStrong community!!!

I’m a 63 year old man who’s always been active, but over the years I became steadily more sedentary. In my twenties I ran, bicycled and played tennis. In my forties I gave up running because it caused my knees and feet to be sore. Not many years later I gave up tennis. When I was nearing sixty I had to break into a jog to get across a crowed street before the light changed. As I neared the curb I caught the eye of a younger man who was looking at me with a mix of admiration and bemusement, petty even. I expected to have sore leg muscles; not to see that expression on another face.

At this point I had worked at a job I liked for 20 years, gaining a pound or two each year. I managed to ignore the load I was and carry on each day at my desk job. I still tried to incorporate a bicycle into my commute but that was about it. As a result of my more sedentary lifestyle my fasting blood sugar test reached pre-diabetic but my cholesterol and blood pressure were still good.

After retiring I moved to the desert and soon after the move it became obvious the person I thought I was was not the one reflected back to me. I wanted to be the fit person my inner being was insisting, even pretending I was.

I started off hiking and I gained some cardio function. About 2 1/2 years ago I started Cross Training. When I started I could not run or jump rope. I was in no shape to be lifting much weight. But I quickly learned that’s not what this training program is about…. As I began this new, intensive exercise program I considered that I might die of a heart attack or stroke but I realized this was a fork in the road and I was going to stick to it, even if it killed me. Thankfully so far, it has only made me sore AND I have made progress towards being the thirty year old I still think I am. 🙂

I love being a member of Desert CrossFit for many reasons. The exercise makes me feel good. I like the way I am moving, feeling and looking. Cheryl and her coaches are very attentive. The other members who attend are universally good, fun, and upbeat. The benefit of all the work I’ve invested in my fitness is that my blood sugar is good again. I feel fortunate.

I’m a winner again. Try Desert CrossFit! Each day will be a personal victory.


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