"Beyond the Barbell – Carole Pinkner"

At Desert CrossFit, one of the things that sets our box apart from other fitness facilities are the awesome athletes who have dedicated their time to train to excel at life. They are the pillars of what we refer to as the #DCFStrong community. Watching relationships evolve from complete strangers, encouraging workout-partners, to friends who spend time with each other outside of the box brings us great joy and is one of the many reasons we love what we do as coaches. With that being said, we’re on a mission to share with our larger audience a little more about the phenomenal people who make Desert CrossFit the premier fitness facility of the Coachella Valley.

This is the first of many blog posts to come that will give you some insight into our community ‘Beyond the Barbell.’

Athlete name: Carole Pinker

Age: 77

How did you hear about Desert CrossFit?
I attended another CrossFit box for several years, but didn’t fit in with a younger group. I couldn’t keep up with the class and felt frustrated. I had already planned to leave I just didn’t know where I was going, I just knew that I would continue with CrossFit somewhere. Then while reading the local newspaper an ad about O.W.W! pops up! Older, Wiser, Wonderful! I call it WOW! The advertisement for O.W.W! indicated a it was a CrossFit program for people between the ages of 53 and 83 – a class meant for me! Now I’m a member of a community that cares for everyone! Thank you Cheryl and CrossFit friends.

What made you start CrossFit to begin with?
My husband Joe and I were having dinner at Pacifica one night several years ago and we had a conversation with one of the waiters and he told us how much he thought we would enjoy Crossfit. He was an instructor at one of the local Crossfit boxes which was close to our home so we went to give it a try.

Did you have any doubts, worries or concerns about CrossFit before you started?

I didn’t have any doubts or worries about CrossFit to begin with but struggled a bit with the 101 training because it was so different from anything else we had ever done.

What sort of unexpected changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit?
After taking CrossFit for a few years I knew that this was something I wanted to do for as long as I could.

So what does your day look like on days that you know you’re coming to the box? How do you feel right before 3-2-1, go?

My Crossfit days are the highlights of my week. I look forward to them eagerly.

What is your favorite music to listen to during a WOD?
Cheryl plays our kind of music – the oldies!

What would you say to someone who is considering joining CrossFit?
I believe CrossFIt is good for everyone from the very young to the very old. However, every CrossFit box is not right for everyone. Do your research and find the right program for you.

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